Events in Ireland


The Irish have some of the best events in the world happening all through the year. The Best events in Ireland is the World Rally Championship. This event will be held in Belfast and a number of other countries across Ireland. The dates for this event are January 29 to February 1 and thousands of people will be in attendance at each stage of the championship. If you like cars that go fast and drivers that show great skill then this is the event for you. The locations chosen for this event are some of the Ireland’s most splendid countryside. You may to join the driver for a run at each stage. One of the more popular festivals in Ireland is the St. Patrick’s Festival which is hosted on March 13-17. Held in Dublin this festival is an official celebration and it commemorates a national holiday, St. Patrick’s Day. Although the celebrations are held throughout the country, the one in Dublin stands out as the best of them all. There are walking parades, parties and other spectacles. This is a joyous time across the mostly catholic country and many visitors have a great time at the festival so much so they keep coming back year after year. If you are a lover of the sea and maritime events and history then the Celtic European Festival of the Sea is a must see for you. Held in various locations across the country it celebrates Irelands maritime heritage. There will be many sailing crafts and row boats and competitions held. This is really good fun.


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