Music Festival in Denmark

Another great event to see when you visit Denmark is the Spot Festival. This festival is an annual one and will run from June 1-30 in Aarhus. It is a music programme and it features some of Denmark’s and the wider Scandinavia’s newest and most talented bands. Visitors will be treated to some very good music and there will also be debates and lectures throughout the two day festival. So book your hotel in Aarhus and have some fun.

One of the more popular events in Denmark is the Viking Pageant which is held every summer. From June 1 to July 31 residents of Frederikssund which is due north of Copenhagen put on their best Viking costumes and re-enact Viking battles and other scenes from their history. There is much to see and do during this festival from replica villages to a Viking market. There are also plays done in Danish. If you want to see swordfights and what Viking life was like then this is the place to be.


2 thoughts on “Music Festival in Denmark

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  2. Nuje

    I know this event. This is the highlight in Copenhagen during the month of June. This is really great event. I will also say, don’t missed it.


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