The Hottest New Travel Trends

The travel industry is dynamic and is always changing. And that’s because travelers are changing themselves all the time, too. Preferences never really stay the same, and this year is no different. Here are some of the hottest new travel trends:

River Cruisingriver cruiseTo be honest, there is nothing new in cruising. Vacationers have been going on Mediterranean, Caribbean, Alaska, and Asian cruises for decades. But it seems that the latest buzz is in river cruising. Nile cruises and those on the Rhine, Amazon, and even on the Volga River in Russia are in top demand. River cruises are becoming big news in Asia, too. A lot of travelers are opting for these cruises in China, Laos, Thailand, and India.

Healing Vacations – Frankly, there’s nothing new in wellness vacations either. People have been visiting the baths in Eastern Europe ever since we came to know about their therapeutic effects. But it’s never been as popular as now. Thousands of visitors are seeking good health and inner peace at the wellness centers in Thailand and a lot of ashrams have come up in Rishikesh and elsewhere in the Indian Himalayas that teach ayurveda and yoga.

Vintage Train Tripscanada_train_vacation_wallpaper_414133601There are, indeed, some wonderful train rides to experience. And they are extremely enjoyable journeys, too. The coaches are sleek and extremely comfortable, and the trains of today offer almost all of the amenities present in modern-day hotels. Large windows present stunning, constantly changing view alongside rivers, through picturesque mountain passes, and around gorgeous valleys. Train rides are becoming popular in the US as well, and there is even an $8 billion budget to promote high-speed rail travel.

Medical Tourism – Medical expenses have gone through the roof in the western world. The good news is that hospitals and clinics in countries like Thailand, India, and others are now offering the same level of medical treatment as the west for a fraction of the cost. For instance, the fertility clinics in India have a waiting time of two months, with a constant flow of inquiries from the West. The success rate is as high as the western countries. Many people like to see an exotic destination and get treated at the same time.

Responsible TourismecotourismYou will find this travel trend everywhere now, by way of green hotels, volunteerism, and eco-tourism. Many tourists are not able to stay indifferent to the poverty outside of their five-star hotel, working with nonprofit organizations to support their efforts in whatever way they can.

Help with Kids – Here’s a unique one. Those who are traveling on Gulf Air can now avail the services of onboard babysitters, lovingly called “sky nannies.” Parents can relax as the nanny takes care of and entertains their little one.

Small Tubs, Big ShowersHyatt Hotel Canberra - BathroomMore and more hotels are now replacing their built-for-two bathtubs with showers. Single bathtubs are also in decline as most people now prefer showers.


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