How to Travel and Alienate People

annoying-habits-1100x400We meet all kinds of people when we travel. We sit beside them in the flight, we share the same floor in the hotel, and we meet them on the cruise. Some of them are darlings, but there will often be people you’ll want to run away from. These are the travelers most people hate. Here are some of the common tell-tale signs to look out for to see if your new “friend” is really going to become your travel foe.

The Been There, Seen That Type – You will often meet people who have seen stuff most people haven’t yet heard of. They have been to lakes that are impossible to spot on maps. They have explored canyons that crumbled as soon as they left. You’ll feel self pity just because you haven’t seen it.

The Everyday Travel Blogger – It’s good to blog about your travel experiences, but these people are so into it and so fascinated with their effort that they will keep asking you to visit their blog until you want to scream out of sheer frustration. Something like “I’ll make it a point to visit your blog” will never satisfy them. They will want to sit next to you and make you read every line.

The Statistician – OK, so he’s a blogger. OK, his blog is a roaring success.  But does this mean that he has to keep shouting about all those page views and comments? Probably not! But who’s going to tell him? He is so obsessed with it that he eats blogging, sleeps blogging, and, the worst part, drags you into it as well.

The Language Connoisseur – Once in a while, you will meet a traveler who can speak more than one language. He can speak quite a few. But, actually, he can’t speak any–not well, anyway. The result: he will mix up five languages in the same sentence and sound like an idiot while doing so.

The Snobby Backpacker – They’ll scorn at anybody who carries more than a couple pairs of underwear and two shirts. These extremists will never realize that there is more than one way of traveling. Not everyone can be a backpacker, but they’ll just never understand.

The Hostel Hussy – There are guys and girls who love co-ed hostels because they can hop-in and hop-out of a different bed each night. That’s around the world sleeping for you. And as a dorm mate, lucky you gets to hear all kinds of moans and groans instead of the sweet sound of snoring.

The Drinking Student – You can see a country by studying abroad. Yes, certainly. But you’ll meet many students who just sign up for a class and then show up with a hangover every morning. They will see a few places, but the priority is always drinking.


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