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How to Enjoy Shanghai in One Day

shanghai-traveltrendShanghai is famous for its historical landmarks. So if you are about to visit Shanghai, make sure all the popular classical buildings are included in your itinerary list, especially if you have the chance to visit the city only for one day.

1. Shanghai Museum
Shanghai Museum is one of the main attractions in Shanghai. International tourists will not skip this spot particularly when they have a certain interest to the history of ancient China. There are 11 exhibition rooms, but since you only have one day in the city, just pick 4 or 5 that attract you the most.

2. Renmin Guangchang
Renmin Guangchang or People’s Square is the center of attractions in Shanghai. It used to be a horse-racing track during the colonial era.

3. Shanghai Urban Planning Museum
Jump to another museum, the Shanghai Chengshi Guihua Zhanshiguan. The giant scale model of Shanghai city as the people will see in 2020 is jaw-dropping.

4. Nanjing Lu Pedestrian Mall
Nanjing Lu is one of the top shopping areas in China. The street is full of vendors. You can walk through the street while hunting for souvenirs.

5. The Bund
There is one museum that features Gothic-Art Deco style. The area is the witness of how the early modern trading houses and banks in China adopted the Western-style after the Opium War in 1842.

6. Shanghainese cuisines
The Bund area has lots of shops and restaurants. You can pick the New Heights at Three on the Bund for lunch. The rooftop is the best spot to enjoy the city from above.

7. Jin Mao Tao Tower
The Jin Mao Tower is a 88th floors building located in the central area of the city. The highest floor is the best spot to get the most perfect views.

8. Old Town
The Old Town is where you can get a glance of China’s past. Many shops around the area that provide antiques souvenirs. Most of them are fake so the price is cheap.

9. Yu Yuan
China has a garden, too. The Yu garden contains ponds, bridges, greenery and pavilions for the tourists to unwind after a tiring adventure in the Old Town.

10. Shanghai acrobat
The Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe would be a nice finishing touch. After enjoying the performance, you can have dinner at Mr & Mrs Bund at Bund.


St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland

St. Patrick’s Day is a special event in Ireland. There are festivals and parades everywhere celebrating Irish culture. The biggest parade is held in Dublin, of course. It is estimated that more than a million people take part in the St. Patrick’s parade in Dublin. Actually, it’s such a big occasion that the festivities get spread over several days–not just March 17.

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????But often, the smallest of all villages will also have their own parades and celebrations. Local musicians will almost always be playing in these parades, in addition to visual and performing arts. Millions are expected to don their greens and head for the parades on March 17th, finishing up the day with a visit to the pub for a pint of the best beer they can find.

The pubs and stores are all open on this day, though the post offices, banks, and other offices are closed. The Irish people have been celebrating St. Patrick’s Day for more than 1,000 years.

StPatricksDayCeiliOnDublinStreetsNOFEE_largeFor the traditional Irish family, it would always start with a visit to the local church in the morning and celebrations in the afternoon. This is one reason why the pubs all over Ireland open a bit late in the day. The traditional families would also have a meal of cabbage and bacon.

The first parade was interestingly not held in Dublin or anywhere else in the country. It was held in New York City in 1762 when Irish soldiers from the British military marched through the city in order to reconnect with their Irish roots and unite all the Irishmen who were serving the British army. It was a hugely successful event, thus prompting the opening of “Irish Aid” societies such as the Hibernian Society and the Friendly Sons of Saint Patrick. It eventually became a wonderful tradition, which is now followed all over Ireland and elsewhere too by the Irish people.

dublin_1365114iSt. Patrick’s Day is a religious event, but it has become more of a day of fun and an occasion for the Irish to celebrate, as well as for everybody to come out on the streets and enjoy.

Winter Travel Getaways to Warmer Weather

Chilly temperatures can definitely get you down. Do you find a lot of love in scraping all that ice from your car or shoveling snow from the driveway? If you don’t, then it’s time to think of going on vacation to a place where the weather’s warm and where you can have lots of fun in the sun. It’s time to start thinking of a warm-weather getaway. Here are some places to consider.

CaribbeanCaribbeanYou will get all the sun, sand, and the surf you need in the Caribbean Islands (tourism official site). Each one of them is amazing. And there are plenty of options for you to choose from: Jamaica, Trinidad, Dominican Republic, Antigua, Saint Lucia, Barbados, the Bahamas.  Those are just a few of the names that come to mind, but there are many other unexplored islands as well. Just relax on the beach and take in all of that island beauty. Of course you could get busy and play some beach soccer or volleyball.  But be sure to balance out that hard work with a dip in the sea or a relaxing fishing or diving trip.

MoroccomoroccoRich in nature, Morocco could also make for an exotic destination for winter. Morocco is a beautiful country, sitting on the edge of the Sahara Dessert with the North Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea covering it from two sides. And all of that coastline means, you will get miles and miles of beaches and lots of sun as well.

Buenos AiresPuerto_Madero_Buenos_AiresYou might consider visiting Buenos Aires during the winter. This is the Southern Hemisphere, so it is the summer here this time of the year. Buenos Aires is a sizzling city with young designers, incredible food, and the passionate tango. You can work up a sweat during a tango lesson in the Argentinean capital, so be sure to pack your dancing shoes.

SydneysydneySydney, also in the Southern Hemisphere, should be worth a visit, too. Sydney is a beautiful city with many famous landmarks, like the Opera House and the harbor. Explore the flea markets and pick up some souvenirs. Take a walking tour to see some stunning buildings in unique architecture or go on a cruise around the harbor. Visit the Blue Mountains as well if you have time.

MexicomexicoYou will find plenty of reasons for visiting Mexico in the winter–not the least of which is the warm weather and sunshine. There are the famous Mayan ruins in Mexico such as Chichen Itza, Palenque, and Teotihuacán. Then there are the incredible beaches of Acapulco, Cancun, and Los Cabos. There are exotic forests to explore and food to savor as well.

The Best Destinations for Foodie Honeymoons

romantic dinner

There are several types of honeymooners. Some like to enjoy panoramic and beautiful views, but others pay more attention to food and want to eat their way through their vacation.  And some couples want it both!

If you are the kind of honeymooner who really cares about the taste of the food in the places you travel, here are the best 5 destinations for foodie honeymooners.      Continue reading

The Best Places to Get Married

Weddings are the best day in the lives of the couple exchanging vows, so it’s no wonder that people want to make the day absolutely unforgettable. 

In order to create an amazing wedding ceremony, some couples don’t hesitate to shell out big bucks to make every little detail perfect.  There are other couples, however, who have trouble choosing the perfect place to marry their beloved fiance. Here are some places that are really highly-recommended to put in your wedding destinations’ list.

1. Four Seasons Hotel in Florence


Those looking to have a religious yet luxurious wedding will love the spiritual decorations and plush decor.  Most people come to the Four Seasons Hotel in Florence to get married in its famous chapel. The groom and bride will be given the nuance of classic romance and a religious party with luxurious wedding decorations and elaborate reception tables.     Continue reading

Spring is here

Spring is the time of year when flowers start blooming and warm weather moves back in.  It is one of the best times to travel for those who don’t like cold or hot weather.  It is a bit tricky though, because some places will experience a wide fluctuation of sunny and rainy days.

Some will be cold and others may be hot, but one thing is for sure, flowers will start blooming and ice melting.  To enjoy nature’s change if you go to a place like Nimes in France or Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks in California.

These are just two of the places where enjoying the changing season through promenades or hiking and camping activity can entertain friends, families or individuals on a spring vacation.

Travelling and Airlines

Today the world is more and more interconnected thanks to the advancement in technology.  One of these advances is airplanes.

It is now possible to go from New York to Miami in three hours or from Naples, Italy to Paris, France in two and a half hours.  Sometimes it can be affordable other times it isn’t.  In order to make your trip inexpensive make sure you pick your airlines well and travel during low season.

Check offers and book ahead.  These techniques will allow you to take more trips during the year and save you time because if you wanted to take a train or ship it would be more time consuming; still pleasant, but you would need more time off from work and daily responsibilities to do this.