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Visit Amsterdam in Spring

According to Amsterdam’s citizen Spring is the best season to visit the city. It seems a beginning of a crescendo that’ will end up with the beginning of Autumn.  People begin to spend their time in the café terraces, city parks are even more crowded day by day even though is still cold, in particular in March and April. Spring is thea time when sunsets are already as late as, so that locals don’t mind to sleep less and spend more time out.

Visit Amsterdam in Spring is an experience you can not miss, in particular for its colours. Trees appear as if they’ve been outlined with a lime-green highlighter as they finally start to leaf out. The famous dutch tulips begin to bloom. None exactly knows when the pick time will be to see this beautiful flowers decorate the Keukenof  Gardens or in the nearby bulb farm fields.

Spring is also the season when Dutch celebrate some of their most important holidays as Queen’s Day, Remembrance Day and Liberation Day.


The Queen’s birthday in Amsterdam

It is on the occasion of the Queen’s birthday that Amsterdam becomes an even more special city.  The daily routine is forgotten and celebrations start the day (evening) before, i.e. on April 29th, with concerts, shows and, of course, lots of beer…
On April 30th (the Queen’s actual birthday) the atmosphere of the town is joyful: a rather peculiar second-hand market is set up practically before all houses. What has become useless is on sale at rather interesting low prices.
The merrymaking for the Queen is really worth a visit to Amsterdam at the end of April. And if you want another “plus”  do not forget that this is the period when tulips are in full blossom and  the botanical garden at  Keukenhof (some half an hour from Amsterdam)  awaits you with its bikes to enjoy the multicolored fields (it is not the beer’s side-effect, they are indeed  tulips).
But don’t forget, if you plan to visit Amsterdam in this special period of the year, to book your hotel in advance.