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Luxury Hotels in Prague


The city of Prague is blessed with a network of luxury hotels, offering some of the best facilities available in the world. The hotels of Prague have their own identity when it comes to welcoming their esteemed customers. The staff in these hotels is well-versed in customer care management. The hotels are big, luxurious, and have everything you need as a customer. These hotels are located mostly in tourist spots and in the main city center, where you’ll can have easy access to all of different places you’ll want to visit.

The rooms in these hotels are very comfortable and specially designed, keeping in mind that customers love to relax after long days of travel. These hotels offer you a full range of facilities, which will make you stress-free and relaxed. The interiors of these rooms are carefully designed and the aesthetics will make you happy. The price will be on the higher side, but then they also offer discount rates on special events throughout the year. All these hotels offer the facility to book rooms online.

Hotel Art Deco Imperial is a five-star Prague hotel located in the middle of the city. The hotel offers you a mixture of Egyptian and Mediterranean art in form of its design. The service is world-class and the hotel staff is very humble and cooperative in their approach. The hotel rooms are elegantly designed, spacious and clean, making you feel fresh all the time.

Hotel Grand Bohemia is also a 5-star hotel in Prague. The building is almost 80 years old but it’s well-preserved and looked after in such a way that it gives a contemporary look. It is located in the center of Prague, where from you can easily go to Powder town and Old town square.


The best place in Prague

Wenceslas Square is probably one of the most significant sights in the city of Prague. In the Middle Ages this huge rectangular shaped square was a horse market of Prague’s New Town, during the centuries though the importance of the square grew solidly and it became the most important place for gatherings and demonstrations. Since 1848 the square was renamed after the Patron Saint of Prague. It was in this square that the declaration of independence of Czechoslovakia was read in 1918, it was here that in 1969 the 21 years old student Jan Palach set himself on fire to demonstrate against the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia. At the southern border of the square you will find the National Art Gallery and, in the square itself, you will find a statue of Saint Wenceslas and a memorial to Jan Palach.