How to Enjoy Shanghai in One Day

shanghai-traveltrendShanghai is famous for its historical landmarks. So if you are about to visit Shanghai, make sure all the popular classical buildings are included in your itinerary list, especially if you have the chance to visit the city only for one day.

1. Shanghai Museum
Shanghai Museum is one of the main attractions in Shanghai. International tourists will not skip this spot particularly when they have a certain interest to the history of ancient China. There are 11 exhibition rooms, but since you only have one day in the city, just pick 4 or 5 that attract you the most.

2. Renmin Guangchang
Renmin Guangchang or People’s Square is the center of attractions in Shanghai. It used to be a horse-racing track during the colonial era.

3. Shanghai Urban Planning Museum
Jump to another museum, the Shanghai Chengshi Guihua Zhanshiguan. The giant scale model of Shanghai city as the people will see in 2020 is jaw-dropping.

4. Nanjing Lu Pedestrian Mall
Nanjing Lu is one of the top shopping areas in China. The street is full of vendors. You can walk through the street while hunting for souvenirs.

5. The Bund
There is one museum that features Gothic-Art Deco style. The area is the witness of how the early modern trading houses and banks in China adopted the Western-style after the Opium War in 1842.

6. Shanghainese cuisines
The Bund area has lots of shops and restaurants. You can pick the New Heights at Three on the Bund for lunch. The rooftop is the best spot to enjoy the city from above.

7. Jin Mao Tao Tower
The Jin Mao Tower is a 88th floors building located in the central area of the city. The highest floor is the best spot to get the most perfect views.

8. Old Town
The Old Town is where you can get a glance of China’s past. Many shops around the area that provide antiques souvenirs. Most of them are fake so the price is cheap.

9. Yu Yuan
China has a garden, too. The Yu garden contains ponds, bridges, greenery and pavilions for the tourists to unwind after a tiring adventure in the Old Town.

10. Shanghai acrobat
The Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe would be a nice finishing touch. After enjoying the performance, you can have dinner at Mr & Mrs Bund at Bund.


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