istanbul-tours-traveltrendIstanbul is a famous city in Turkey for its location which is suitable for international business. It is the largest city in Turkey and second largest in world for its population. It is holding a good position for Turkey’s annual revenue growth though it is not capital of Turkey and that’s why this place good choice for many migrants. This is located on the coast of Bosphorus strait which is the busiest water root between western Asia and Europe. It is having importance in international business with oil and refineries materials. For this only from a long past many rulers choose this location to keep in their control. You will see many marks of Byzantine, Ottoman and other Turkey ruler’s palaces and monuments at Istanbul. Also there are many architectures which were built in long past. The Silk Road which went to Europe from Middle East Asia is also gave a great importance to Istanbul. With the kind of business importance along with historic touch attracts millions of foreign tourists every year to Istanbul. So it was named as European Capital of Culture in 2012. Anyone can plan a trip to Istanbul very easily by taking help from Istanbul tour operator. Also there are many Turkey package tours designed by multiple tour operators in an economic way. So you can have a look at those and choose the one which will suit you to complete your Istanbul tour.    


Various Routes of Istanbul Walking Tour

Once you reached Istanbul, you can spend a day or two days to find out the nearby places in the city where you can spend time. There are many planned walking routes available in the city which you can follow. The most important places inside the city or the roadway beside Bosphorus channel can also be very enjoying. Also there you can take Istanbul trams on your way when you are tired. There are many daily Istanbul tours arranged by multiple operators who can provide you the guide in Istanbul. You can start walking from Greek Orthodox Patriarchate. This is a very important place for Greek Christian and located in the centre of city. This church was built on 16th century. And there were many reconstructions took place on it and its architecture makes it different from other orthodox churches. Then you can walk to red School which is the most prestigious Greek orthodox school in Istanbul. This school was established in 1454. Many Bulgarian and Greek princes completed their graduate from here. This school is also named as Red Castle. Next you can walk to Muhliotissa Church which is located nearby Fener Greek High School. This is the only church which remained from Byzantine period. The original architecture built on 13th century. After that there were many repairing work happened on this. Its unique architecture attracts many visitors. And this church is still operational from the Byzantine period. In the way you will get many other visiting places and will enjoy the walk. Also you can cover the Jewish Museum and other places nearby it in a different walks. There also you can get great experience on Istanbul past history.


Night walk beside Bosphorus

Bosphorus is the only strait between Black Sea and Marmara Sea. You can enjoy the night time beside it by walking and taking the great light view of city. Also there you will find hundred of ships going towards or outwards from Black Sea. The most attractive thing the suspension bridges over the Bosphorus channel. The bridge used to illuminate on every evening and the view from far will be bread taking. There is a fortress also nearby it. You can enjoy history at Istanbul. Also there are so many places for delicious food and drinks which make the walk most memorable.


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