The Best Places to Get Married

Weddings are the best day in the lives of the couple exchanging vows, so it’s no wonder that people want to make the day absolutely unforgettable. 

In order to create an amazing wedding ceremony, some couples don’t hesitate to shell out big bucks to make every little detail perfect.  There are other couples, however, who have trouble choosing the perfect place to marry their beloved fiance. Here are some places that are really highly-recommended to put in your wedding destinations’ list.

1. Four Seasons Hotel in Florence


Those looking to have a religious yet luxurious wedding will love the spiritual decorations and plush decor.  Most people come to the Four Seasons Hotel in Florence to get married in its famous chapel. The groom and bride will be given the nuance of classic romance and a religious party with luxurious wedding decorations and elaborate reception tables.    

 2. The Giant Ferris Wheel in Vienna

The Giant Ferris Wheel in Vienna was finished in 1897 in Prater Park.  Its 15 cabins soar 65 meters high. You can imagine how great your wedding ceremony backdrop would be if you were to say your wedding vows while riding the wheel.  Aside from that, every cabin of this wheel is decorated in a classic theme that shows the historical era from Roman Empire to the middle of the 20th Century.  

3. San Francisco City Hall

SF City Hall

Everyone knows that San Francisco has its iconic Golden Gate Bridge, and hardly anyone would refuse to get married with it standing majestically in the background.  The perfect place to find that backdrop would be at San Francisco City Hall. After your City Hall wedding ceremony, head outside to capture some fantastic photos and to enjoy the best view of the Golden Gate Bridge, Union Square, and San Francisco itself.

4. La Mamounia in Marrakech

If you want to plan a completely unique wedding, then one done in Morroccan style will be a perfect choice. La Mamounia is an exotic place with beautiful gardens–the frangrances of the tropical flowers and grasses growing there will add bonus points to your wedding ceremony.

5. Table Mountain in South Africa

Table Mountain wedding

Why is this place in Cape Town, South Africa, called Table Mountain? Because its panoramic balcony is so high in the mountain that you need a cable car to reach it. From this fantastic vantage point, enjoy views of the Devil’s Peak, Lion’s Head, and the gorgeous blue sea. A more picturesque wedding location can hardly even be imagined.

Those are 5 best places to get married in the world, and planning a wedding at one of them will make your special day even more meaningful.


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