Top 20 UK Hotels on Twitter

The role of social media in the business development is getting big from time to time. Today, almost all the companies have their own business pages to optimize the revenue. As for hospitality business like hotels, the owners use social media sites to gain more people to book a room online.

Facebook and Twitter are two favorite social media sites used by people in general. So, in order to connect to these people, many hotels make their own Facebook or Twitter page. Talking about the rank of the hotels in UK in terms of the popularity, there are top 30 hotels that have the most followers on their Twitter account.     

The Chestefield Hotel, located in Mayfair, London, comes in the first position with 49,800 followers and 100 for the TwitterGrade.

Premier Inn is included in the list with 10,773 followers and the same TwitterGrade as the Chesterfield, 100.

The Citizen Hotel is Glasgow with 9,614 followers comes in the third position. In the meantime, another Mayfair-based hotel, May Fair, occupies the 4th position with 8,181 followers.

In the fifth place, the Celtic Manor Resort in Newport South Wales comes with 8,100 followers. Hotel Travelodge UK that is spread across the nation has 6,895 followers.
Another nationwide hotel, the Bestwestern GB comes in the 7th position with 5,922 followers.

The Gleneagles in Perthshire, Scotland, is quite popular with 5,437 followers.
The gap between the ninth and tenth hotels is quite far. The London Marriott has 5,405 followers, while the Best Loved hotel, also in London, has 4,735 hotels.


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