The Most Popular Sardinia Beaches

Sardinia’s rocky coastline, dramatic headlands and pretty bays make it a wonderful vacation spot for beach lovers from around the world.  It is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, so that means long stretches of beach, and many different sights to choose from when you want to spend the day by the sea on this charming Italian island.   One of the most popular beaches on Sardinia is Costa Rei, between Sant Elmo Bay and Capo Ferrato, because it has a nice mix of the best highlights of the sea, and a nearby lake system.

The sandy beach stretches for miles along clear waters perfect for swimming, and the nearby lakes are home to rare waterfowl.  The best part of a visit to Costa Rei is the walk down the ancient Roman staircase to the beach, through a pretty pine grove.   When the stars come to Sardinia, they hang out on Costa Smeralda, an incredible stretch of beach along the northern coast which features more than 80 secluded coves and bays, and pink sand.  Kids love the Baia Chia Beach, with its towering sand dunes and turquoise waters, with dolphins playing in the waves, and bright flamingos playing in the lake.  Walking distance from Baia Chia is Cala Cipolla Beach, which is a favorite of scuba divers because of its many reefs and clear waters.

The fishing village of Villasimius is home to some of the most beautiful beaches on Sardinia.  The loveliest of them all is the Spiaggia di Porto Giunco, with powder white sand.  Even if you’ve planned spending your holidays in Cagliari, there are great beaches just outside the city.  At sunset, head to Spiaggia di Campulongu on the western side of the island by the Capo Carbonara lighthouse.  The warm breezes also make the beach perfect for wind surfers, but its best enjoyed when the sun sets and throws its orange glow across the sparkling water.


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