What to Do in Playa del Carmen this summer

Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is a Mexican town that is growing in popularity among tourists.  There are great resorts with all inclusive bargains, the beaches are white sand and blue ocean with lukewarm water, and shopping, plus nightlife complete the scene.  In Playa del Carmen there is something to do for everybody.  If you want to enjoy the sunny days and beaches you can relax on a lounge chair at your resort and expect to find everything there.  If you want to see Mayan pyramids, the Mayan calendar, Mayan ruins and villages; you will have plenty of excursions to choose from that will ensure you get to see everything of cultural and historical value to the area.  For the partier there is a street filled with a variety of clubs with all types of music and party scenes.  Finally for the shopper: Calle Cinco in Playa del Carmen is where you will go.  The market, shops and boutiques will have local items that you won’t be able to find back home and that you will be very intrigued by.  Have fun.


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