New York Cafés

New York CafeI’m sure if not most at least a big part of people remember the TV show Friends.  They sat in a New York café and enjoyed some quality time a lot.  If you would like to try this out when visiting New York with your friends there are many places to go to.  The atmosphere is cozy and welcoming, plus nice couches and tables to relax at and enjoy your company.  You can also come by to drink some tea, hot chocolate or coffee while reading a book.  This is especially enjoyable after a day of sightseeing or walking around.  Three of the cafés in New York that could be considered for doing this are Housing Works Bookstore Café in SoHo; Café Grumpy in Chelsea, and Ost Café in the East Village (Alphabet City).  The first one has a library in addition to offering coffee, tea and snacks.  The second one is a bit more crowded and smaller, but has some great blend of teas and tasteful coffees.  The third New York café mentioned offers coffee and tea, but also a selection of some wine.  There can be music and Wi-Fi access.


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