The Famous Baguette

BaguetteThere are numerous things to do in Paris that the average traveler can enjoy.  These same activities give a chance to experience the French or Parisian culture as well.  We know that the daily activities include visiting renowned sites and museums, but the other part of travelling is experiencing a city or country through the eyes of the local customs and trends.  One thing you should do to enrich your vacation in a unique way is to buy the famous baguette that is said to be carried by the French after work under their arms.  If you are a good observer and go by a baguetterie you will see exactly this.  It can seem silly, but if you go to Paris and don’t try a baguette you have missed out on knowing what this piece of bread is all about.  You could like it or you could not, but since you are in Paris why not try.  This long piece of bread is fluffy and crunchy at the same time.  To make it even tastier get one with cheese and ham, simple ingredients, but they add so much flavour.  It is also an inexpensive way to eat while visiting, saving you some pocket money for the night time dining or outing experience.


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