Italy: The New Rome Fair


Rome has its share in international fairs. It has a big fair center which hosts important events and trade shows that take place all year round. Today I’ll give you a short hint about the New Rome fair which is Situated near Fiumicino village, a place just outside the city and very near to the Leonardo da Vinci Airport (Rome‘s most important international airport). The New Rome Fair is so called because it has been there only for a couple of years. It has been renewed and inaugurated on April 21st, 2006. Although it is not yet completed, the New Rome Fair was designed to function in a futuristic and oversized environment. When you visit it nowadays, you can see hundreds of pavilions, elevators and escalators which are all made of steel, crystal and modern recyclable building materials. Also, the fair has conference centers with big halls and more than a dozen of restaurants extending throughout a total surface of 920,000 square meters. The New Rome fair hosts many events and exhibitions, acting as a link between services and customers. The events and exhibitions are not confined to one field of business, they vary between IT, high-tech, tourism, home-living, food, automotive, etc. The most important events yearly showing into the New Rome Fair are: Casa Idea, Moa Casa, Globe2010, Big Blu, Eudi Show, The famous exhibitions of interior decoration and furnishings. Arti & Mestieri Expo This is dedicated to all handicraft lovers who take it as a job or a hobby.


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