New York, where to go shopping?

For everyone visiting New York, it’s a must to know where to go shopping. Whether for your at-the-moment needs or to buy souvenirs, you have to know where to go in the big city of  New York .
The nice thing about New York  is there are some districts specialized in certain goods, so you can save a lot of time if you have something particular in mind and you know the place where it can be found.
For example, if you are aiming for books, go straight to Fourth Avenue particularly between 9th and 14th Streets where 2 huge book stores are present. One of them is called ‘Strand’ and you can not find less than 8 miles of book shelves there! In the same street you can find other smaller book stores specialized in some domains like art and science.
But in case you are looking for brand names, then you should go to the next Avenue which’s Fifth Avenue which includes 10 streets from 49th Street to 59th Street. There you can find the world-wide famous brand names like Gucci, Lord  & Tailor and Cartier. Also, the place is very vibrant in Christmas with all the Christmas displays. In case you get tired of shopping there, you can reach for the Central park entrance gate at 59th Street and have a little rest!


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