Travel to Cuba

Cuba which is the alligator-shaped country island in the Caribbean has captivating beaches, proudly standing mountain ranges and tranquil plains. When you say Cuba, there is only one thing that it is famous for Cigar, Salsa music, Rhum and vacations. It is also synonymous to classic cars. It boasts of the 100% preserved wheels like the 1930 Cadillac V-16, the 1980 Daimler and a 1926 Rolls Royce.

One point of interest in Cuba is the old Havana that is being improved and turned into a fantastic museum showcasing things about the Spanish Empire gardening and architecture. Cuba is also famous because of the reference of the late great writer/sportsman Ernest Hemighway. The 5th level of the Hotel Ambos Mundos is being worked to become a tourist destination. This used to be Hemingway’s writing studio. You can actually sit and feel his presence in his typewriter, relax and enjoy the view from his balcony. See Pilar, Hemighway’s yacht docked in the harbor which has a mini version in his toy collection gallery. Havana (La Habana) offer to travelers a perfect selection of the most popular hotels in Cuba. When in Cuba, you get to enjoy not only the view and the history but also the rich dancing that it is known for.  Enjoy the zest of pure Cuban drinks and music.  The Tropicana dubbed as the “Paradise Under The Stars” sports rainforest scenery with attractive music coupled with talented Cuban men and women who makes a show of exotic dancing on a cobweb-shaped platform. Cuba is one of the busiest island countries in the Caribbean especially during the night. Music and dancing do not stop until the early dawn. Cuba’s ultimate beach destination is the Veradero which has dozens of beach resorts lining the shores. Xanadu is one attraction that you should not miss when you to Veradero.


1 thought on “Travel to Cuba

  1. Harri Safiari

    In my opinion Cuba is quite interesting country. Cuba has a special magnet like political system, nature condition’s which only few miles from USA as establish contry and Cuba it self still use non democratic system or socialism’s country. Along 3 or 4 decades more, Cuba still exist from US’s embargo (economic and politics.


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