Barbados Just for You

Barbados is one of the beautiful island countries in the Caribbean that is worth visiting if you want to relax and enjoy nature’s beauty. It is also known as the “Little England” way back the country’s colonial days. The best view of Barbados island can be captured atop the Cherry Tree Hill. The view reveals a famous landmark of the island, St. Andrew’s Parish, a name taken from Scotland’s patron saint. When it is your first time to come to Barbados Island, aside from exploring the place through tours, you can also enjoy the various nature activities and water sports like kite surfing, spelunking or commonly know as cave adventures, windsurfing and golf. Tours also range from safari, submarine, helicopter and catamaran adventures among others. Barbados Island in the Caribbean is the home of the many world renowned points of interests and place. One of which is the Harrison’s Cave featuring gigantic galleries of stalactites in its interiors. This is now being nominated to be included among the 7 Wonders of the World. Three of West Hemisphere’s famous Jacobean mansions are in this island, the rarest 17th century English cannons in the world can be found in this island. Finally, a very significant event happened also here, the cross-fertilization which gave rise to the first grape fruit on earth. These are only few of the exciting things that you can find in Barbados. Come to this beautiful island and experience these and more.


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