The best place in Prague

Wenceslas Square is probably one of the most significant sights in the city of Prague. In the Middle Ages this huge rectangular shaped square was a horse market of Prague’s New Town, during the centuries though the importance of the square grew solidly and it became the most important place for gatherings and demonstrations. Since 1848 the square was renamed after the Patron Saint of Prague. It was in this square that the declaration of independence of Czechoslovakia was read in 1918, it was here that in 1969 the 21 years old student Jan Palach set himself on fire to demonstrate against the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia. At the southern border of the square you will find the National Art Gallery and, in the square itself, you will find a statue of Saint Wenceslas and a memorial to Jan Palach.


6 thoughts on “The best place in Prague

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  2. bruny

    Wenceslas square is the first place I saw the first time I was in Prague. From here I started my discovery of the town and I indeed think it is the right place to start your visit and also do not forget that close nearby are many nice hotels of different categories you can choose. From the square you can reach by foot the heart of the town, eat, go shopping or just admire one of the most beautiful European capitals. you can find some nice suggestions about Prague in

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