A week-end in Warsaw

In order to get to know a captivating city like Warsaw a week-end surely is not enough; but we couldn’t stay longer. So we had to make a strict selection: what is worth seeing in Warsaw in 2 days?

Listed below you’ll find our selected sites for our first visit to the capital:

1. Warsaw Old Town with its romantic little streets going down to the Vistula River banks,  nowadays the rebuilt Old Town well deserves the status of Cultural and Natural Heritage of the World Cultural;

2. the Royal Route connecting the Royal Castle of Warsaw to the summer Residence of King Jan III Sobieski (Wilanow) with palaces, churches and sumptuous government buildings. After this walk you will know the history of the town because it is really a journey through the centuries.  The Royal Castle, for instance, was built in the 13th century and, in the course of the centuries, it provided the setting for many important historical events. Robbed and destroyed between 1939-1944, it was rebuilt around the surviving architectural structures from 1971 to1984. Or the Presidential Palace, built in the mid of the 17th century, now remodeled in a neo-classical style. Since 1994 it is the residence of the President of Poland. And still the baroque Church of the Holy Cross (1679/1696): the urn containing the heart of Chopin is walled in in its pillars;

3. the Warsaw Citadel, an imposing fortress dating back to the 19th century, one of the best preserved complexes of Poland’s military architecture;

4. The Palace of Culture and Science, still Poland’s highest building (it’s over 230 metres or 754 feet high) overlooks the town, a huge building housing over 3.000 rooms (conference rooms, exhibition areas, modern and confortable offices, practically a small town in itself);

5. The Powaski Cemetery, one of Europe’s oldest and largest necropolises (anyhow the oldest catholic cemetery in the town), created in 1790. You can see here many examples of sculptural and architectural art with important works of classicism, secession and modern art.There are also traces of the presence and cultural heritage of Jewish people who lived in Warsaw. Before World War II over 350.000 Jewish peoiple lived in Warsaw, thus making the city the second biggest Jewish community in Europe.

Make your hotel reservation in advance, you can book any Warsaw hotels, from a 5 star hotel to a quite bed and Breakfast.

This is the itinerary we have done, but much more  is still to be discovered in Warsaw. We’ll have to go there for a second visit! 



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